About Our District

Children in Ocean Township attended the Little Red School House from the mid 1800’s until 1958 when the Waretown Elementary School opened its doors. The Little Red School House was originally located on the current site of the Waretown First Aid Squad. With increased enrollment an addition was added to the Waretown Elementary School in 1965.

As Waretown grew it became evident that either another addition or new school was needed. A referendum was scheduled and the new school passed by one vote, 631 to 630! For two years students in one class were taught in the basement of Town Hall. In September 1974 the Waretown Elementary School went on split sessions , K-6, until the Ocean Township Elementary School was completed in 1978. At that time, kindergarten and third grade classes were moved to the Ocean Township Elementary School. The Waretown Elementary School was for first and second grades only.

In 1984, Chief School Administrator, Frederic A. Priff, passed away and soon the name of the Ocean Township Elementary School was renamed the Frederic A. Priff Elementary School in his honor. In 1993, additions to both schools were built. This enabled kindergarten and third grade students to be back at the Waretown Elementary School. Today the Waretown Elementary School houses students in pre-school through second grade and the Frederic A. Priff School houses students in grades 3-6.