Preschool Program

Waretown New Jersey Program ProgramOur goal is to provide a high quality preschool program to the Waretown Community. In order to do that, our program follows the Creative Curriculum®. This is a comprehensive, scientifically-based curriculum linked to an assessment system that addresses teacher’s need to know what to teach and why, and how children learn best. The philosophy of The Creative Curriculum® is that young children learn best by doing. The Creative Curriculum® is built on theories of development in young children, that all children learn through active exploration of their environment and therefore the environment plays a critical role in learning.

What does a Creative Curriculum Preschool classroom look like?

The classroom environment is specifically designed to create centers of learning. In each classroom, you will find a variety of interest and play areas. Some of these centers include: Dramatic play, Blocks, Toys & Games, Library, Art, Discovery, Writing, Listening, Technology, Cozy area. Each classroom is set up for exploration and learning. Children have many opportunities to make choices, experiment, and interact with others. Materials are labeled and well organized, also low on shelves for children to access them independently. Similar materials are grouped together to teach children to sort and classify.

Meet our Master Teacher

How do we assess our Preschool students?

Teaching Strategies Creative Curriculum incorporates 38 learning objectives as the basis of everything we do and what we plan for in the classroom. These learning objectives span from birth through third grade. They cover 10 content areas of development and learning. Teachers collect documentation related to these objectives by creating a digital portfolio of observations, anecdotes, videos, work samples and pictures. Then, they use this documentation to assess each child’s development and learning along a progression across the whole of the early childhood years.

Download Preschool Teaching & Learning Standards

Waretown Preschool Program - Learning Objectives


Important Preschool Contacts

Main Office:
(609) 693-3131
Ms. Sarah Reinhold, Principal
Mrs. Carol Widmer, Principal’s Secretary
Mrs. Christine Smith, Secretary

Nurse’s Office:
(609) 693-3131 ext. 123
Mrs. Fran Farnung R.N.

School Counselor:
(609) 693-3131 ext. 124
Mrs. Lauren Eberenz

Child Study Team Office:
(609) 693-3131 ext. 121
Mrs. Lynn DeNofa, Administrative Secretary
Mrs. Kristy Nanartowicz, School Psychologist
Mrs. Bonnie Nelson, LDTC
Mr. Joseph Hagan, School Social Worker

Preschool Master Teacher & Preschool Intervention and Referral Specialist (PIRS):
(609) 693-3131
Mrs. Heather Pugliese

Preschool Frequently Asked Questions

The preschool program is available to all Waretown residents with a child what will be three or four years old on or before October 1st

The program starts on the first full day of school as per the district’s school calendar each year.  Students attend a full school day, which runs from 8:45am-2:45pm.

This is a 5-day a week full time preschool program.  Preschoolers are expected to attend school all 5 days.  Daily attendance is taken.

Yes, all students have a one-hour rest period built into their school day.  Cots are provided for all students.  Students are not required to nap, however, the expectation is that they lie quietly with a book or other appropriate activity and rest. 

Yes, transportation will be provided to and from school.  Parents may opt to drive children as well.

The Waretown Elementary School implements Creative Curriculum, which is a learning through play-based curriculum approved by the state of New Jersey.  Teachers are trained and supported by our Preschool Instructional Coach.

Yes, each classroom has both 3 and 4 year olds.

Yes, students remain with the same teacher for both years of preschool should they begin at age 3.

The maximum number of students per classroom is 15.  Each classroom is staffed with a teacher and full time classroom aide.

Yes, the Child Study Team works closely with the Preschool Instructional Coach as well as providers to allow for maximum participation in the general education classroom.

No, preschoolers do not need to be potty trained.  Classroom teachers are always willing to support students and families who are beginning to potty train.  Families need to supply changing supplies (e.g., diapers and wipes) for those students who are not potty trained. 

Important Preschool Resources